Nowadays, meeting a person to be with, marrying, and building up a family are not as easy as it was even a few decades ago. Thousands of single men and women face the problem of searching for a spouse. Why is there such a tendency? What are the reasons? Is there a solution? We will help you to find the answers to all these questions. But be sure – you have a chance for a happy married life. Mail order bride services were created to help you out.

Who is a Mail Order Bride?

Mail order wife are women who have decided to find love abroad. They are usually smart and well-educated. They have an open mind and want to make their lives better.

Despite the stigma associated with mail-order brides, these women are looking for something more than a quick fling. They are ready for a serious, international long-term commitment.

The mail order bride industry has been around for a while. It’s a bit more regulated in the United States. There are a number of laws that you should know about, from the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act to the Violence Against Women Act.

A mail order bride is actually a woman who has signed up for a service that sets her up with a foreign man. You can find this type of woman on an online dating site.

Most of them are from Africa, Asia, and South America. Some are from the poorer countries of the world, like Ukraine.

For a woman to become a mail order bride, she has to go through a number of steps, including buying a K-1 visa. These visas allow foreigners to enter the United States within 90 days of committing to a marriage.

To be a successful mail order bride, you should choose a site that offers several different features. This includes the ability to search for profiles and send messages. Another important aspect of a good service is safety. If a person is a scammer, he or she may refuse to send you a message or ask for your money.

Why do women become mail order brides?

There are plenty of reasons why women seek husbands from overseas and become online brides. The decision to look for love abroad is usually thoroughly considered and reasoned. Let’s look through the triggers for such a decision.

Mail order brides seek real love

Love is a feeling that everyone wants to get. We all want to love and feel loved and needed. But you never know when this amazing feeling will come into your life. We cannot force it. But we surely can help the Universe and enlarge the possibilities of meeting true love. It is doubtful you can meet a perfect partner while sitting at home and dreaming of it. That is why a lot of single girls prefer to act rather than just to dream. They take steps. For them, to become a bride means to have more opportunities to select a perfect match and create a family.

Mail order brides seek a better life

It is not a secret that the majority of mail order brides comes from quite poor, developing countries. Mostly, such women live in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Many girls seek financial stability. And it is clear that men from Western countries may offer a much better life than these women have in their home countries. Confidence in the future is one of the factors that make girls look for a partner overseas. They want to feel safe and to have a life they deserve.

Mail order brides believe in international marriages

Many girls just do not care about nationalities and countries where people come from. Though they love and respect their home countries, the online brides also enjoy meeting new people, learning new cultures, and exploring the world. Moreover, It increases their chances to meet a loving husband. If a man treats her with respect, loves, and adores her, it doesn’t matter where he comes from or what his ethnic group or race is. Mail brides live their life to the fullest and do not limit themselves.

Gender imbalance

It is a well-known fact that there are more women than men on this planet. There are countries where it is impossible to meet a partner just because of gender imbalance. But to be always alone is not a way out. There is a much better solution – social platforms. Girls create accounts and have a much bigger choice among single men. The world is so big. Everyone has a chance for a happy life.

Opportunities to travel or move to another country

You can hardly meet a person who does not love traveling and exploring the world. Traveling gives us positive emotions, joy, new experiences, and new acquaintances. But not everyone has a chance to visit other countries. Mail order brides understand that if they marry a supporting and financially stable man, they can start traveling more. Besides, they are willing to move to another country if is required. They are open to this world.

What is a mail order brides service?

Such kind of service has existed for over 20 years. It was created to help single men and women. They meet, chat, fall in love, and get married. There were different forms of dating services. Nowadays, they exist in the form of a website or an app. Any girl and any man can register there, create a profile, and start the interaction. Millions of single people talk to each other every day using various means of interaction like video or phone calls, chats and emails. It is an easy way to get what you are looking for – the love of your life. Let’s look through the most frequently asked questions about dating services.

Who can benefit from mail order brides services?

Basically, any person with Internet access can try it out. What is required here is your true intention to meet your soulmate. If you seek love – you definitely have to check out these services. But let’s try to define who these sites are created for:

  1. Single girls who cannot meet a proper man. As a rule, girls who register a profile on a dating resource are beautiful, educated, and funny. They are open to meeting foreigners. That is why men fall in love with them. They are hard to resist.
  2. Men who have a desire to find a woman for marriage. These men typically come from European countries or America. They did not succeed in building relationships with girls in their countries and are eager to try their chances with girls from other places. It can be a girl from any part of the world. These men are also open to international marriages. What they are really willing to get are love, true feelings, and a loyal and gorgeous wife.

How to find a wife using mail order bride sites?

Mail-order bride sites are global sites where people search for a partner. It is an easy and convenient way to select your spouse. What to do to start using the service? Try the following steps:

  1. Go through the registration process on a mail-order bride website. Make sure it is efficient and safe.
  2. Create a profile. Fill it with information about yourself. Be honest and confident. Show all your advantages. Show you are an interesting man with serious intentions.
  3. Upload your best photos. Choose photos where you look nice and which can tell what kind of a man you are.
  4. Choose the girls you want to get acquainted with. It is totally fine to talk to several girls at once. Be active. In such a way, you have more chances to come across the one you are looking for.
  5. Make sure you can keep a conversation going. Do not get your potential bride bored. Tell stories, ask her questions, and be attentive to what she says.
  6. A good sense of humor is always a big advantage! Make some jokes and be witty. But do not try too hard if it is not your thing. Stay true to yourself.
  7. Choose a lady that attracts you the most among others. It is quite possible you will marry this girl in the future! Talk to her. Use video chats.
  8. Start paying court to her. You may send flowers or other presents. Prove you are a worthy guy!
  9. Ask her out. Arrange a date offline. Make it exciting and delightful for both of you.
  10. Be caring. Do not be afraid to show affection.

Is it safe to use mail order bride sites?

Unfortunately, this world is still full of fakers and deceivers. So, it is your responsibility to make sure you are using a safe social network. Some safety precautions should be taken before you pay for a service and start using a site. Here are some pieces of advice on what can be done:

  • Read the reviews and collect the information. What do ]other participants say about the site? Their comments may help you to make an overall impression.
  • Read the site’s policy, get acquainted with its process of registration and the way it works in general. Is it easy to use? Do they protect your personal data? What do they offer? If it looks suspicious, it is better to avoid using it.
  • Check the prices. Are they reasonable? Is it affordable to pay for its services? Do not get in a trap and do not hurry to give your money to the unchecked suspicious resource.

Tips on dating a mail order bride

Winning a woman’s heart can often be a challenge. You had better wind up your brain and get creative and persistent. Women love to be won over. Otherwise, it is just not that interesting and spicy. Let’s agree, men also love tough tasks. Want to feel like a winner? Want to get something precious and special? Then follow the next tips:

  1. Learn how to flirt Women are usually better at flirting than men. They know how to make eyes and charm a man. They feel comfortable to make compliments. And they surely expect it from their partners. It doesn’t really matter if you date a girl or you just chat online: if you are eager to get that girl – show it. Prove it. She needs to see that she is liked. Flirting is the best way to show your interest.
  2. Give her compliments Compliments are a part of flirting. Remember – there cannot be lots of compliments in case you wish to make a girl fall in love with you. They say that men love with their eyes and women love with their ears. Usually, girls do everything possible to look attractive. When a girl is a sight for sore eyes, every man enjoys her company. When a man is not greedy for kind words and compliments, every woman blooms and feels special and more attractive.
  3. Give her presents We all love nice presents and surprises. But girls just can’t live without them! When a man gives a present to a woman, she feels like she is remembered and thought about. She appreciates it and always gives something in return like her endless love, care, presence. She may surprise you with some tasty dish or arrange a perfect date for both of you. She will certainly be so thankful that you will feel how much she appreciates having you by her side. It is a win-win situation!
  4. Show her you have serious intentions It is a big mistake not to take mail order brides seriously. They are all aimed at finding a husband and creating a family. They want to get married and have children. They want to share their life with a loving supporting man. So, she needs to know that you both are looking at the same direction. Let her know that you are a proper man for her because you want the same things. Do not be afraid to tell her your true feelings. Girls love it!

5 facts about mail order brides

There is a great number of dating platforms and social networks that it is easy to get lost among this endless flow of information. Here, we suggest a short list that can help you to get an impression of who a mail order bride is:

  1. Thousands of girls choose to be a mail order bride every year. The service has proved to be so effective that more and more women make a decision to become a part of it and go looking for a husband on the Internet. According to statistics, 25000 women chose to become a mail order wife last year. Just think about this level and estimate your chances to meet a girl online. Then compare it to your chances to meet a girl in your city. The difference is tremendous!
  2. Mail order brides are usually younger than their online partner. Of course, there is always an exception to the rule. But in general, men prefer to choose a much younger woman. And it is totally explicable. Women from the West prefer to get married at an older age in comparison with their counterparts from Russia, Ukraine, or Asian countries. Men just want to meet women who want to get married and have children.
  3. The majority of mail order marriages turn out really successful. There is a misplaced belief that mail order marriages cannot last long and that most of them are doomed to fail. It is far from being true. Because of modern means of communication and opportunities to meet offline, couples have more time and possibilities to make sure they have found a perfect match. That is why the divorce rate among such coupes is quite low. They just do not hurry when it comes to making a choice.
  4. You cannot “buy” a bride. Let’s make it clear. You pay for services, sites, and platforms, for presents or flowers, but you do not pay for a bride. She is there voluntarily. It is always up to her to decide which man to talk to, to date, or to meet. She is free to say no or to refuse to talk to you. Do not think that money is all that matters. Of course, financial stability is what attracts women from poorer countries, but it does not mean it is your biggest advantage that a girl will appreciate the most.
  5. They are willing to relocate. When a girl meets a husband she was looking for, she agrees to move wherever her husband decides. Firstly, such girls often dream to move because they are tired of poverty in the country and want to have a better, more prosperous life. Secondly, quite frequently, husbands themselves cannot agree to live in a county where his wife lives because they are used to other standards of living. There are cases when a married couple decides to move to some other place. They choose something exotic or cheaper.

Advantages of dating mail-order brides

Dating mail order brides has become really popular. If such a big number of people have tried it out and checked its advantages, then you definitely need to try it too. It is doubtful you will be disappointed. Here are some perks of dating an online bride:

  1. They are family-oriented. All ladies cherish the idea of marriage. They choose their husbands really carefully to be 100% sure they have made the right choice. That is why the divorce rate is not really high among mail order marriages. Besides, these women make great mothers. The family becomes their priority, and they devote themselves to it.
  2. Mail order brides are graceful and astonishing. Usually, ladies who practice online husband searching, using different social networks, do their best to look attractive and make the best impression. They cherish natural beauty, but at the same time, they are aware that a perfect appearance demands some effort. These are the reasons why grooming and self-care are constantly in their to-do lists. Besides, they think of their physical shape too and try to stay fit. Gyms, yoga classes, swimming – the list of activities may be large, but the result is always the same – they look gorgeous.
  3. They are educated and smart. When you talk to a girl, you will certainly notice that your conversation flows and you always have something to discuss. That is because they value a good education and enjoy studying. If you marry a mail order bride, you marry not only a beautiful woman. You marry someone you can always have a nice and interesting talk with.
  4. They are sociable and easy-going. It is always fun to chat with a mail-order bride. They have a marvelous sense of humor and know how to make jokes. You, your family and friends will always be entertained. And if you have a bad day – she will certainly make it better. But be ready not only to get but to give love as well. Do not take everything that she gives to you for granted.


Online acquaintance is what plenty of people have tried and never regretted. Marrying a mail order bride appeared to be the best decision for a lot of men. The advantages of this service are difficult to overestimate. It is convenient and efficient. It gives big opportunities and a bigger choice. Mail order brides are women who want to create a family and live a happy life. They make really good and caring wives and mothers. They keep the coziness and warmth in their homes. A lot of men dream of such women, but do not know where to find them. Now you know – try a dating platform and marry the woman of your dreams!



Well, I’m Tara, and I’ve been a mail order bride for 1 year and 3 months already. I know every slightest detail how things are going on the dating sites and feel more confident with each new acquaintance. I had two love stories already but kept believing that I would find the man I’m dreaming about. Two months ago I met him! The power of belief is so incredible! Now I’m eagerly contribute to your knowledge of the process through sharing my insights to the site’s experts.